!!Project Canceled!!

Rincón Fab Lab Maker, Corp. is a PR State 1101.01 and Federal 501(C)3 tax exempt Not-For-Profit Education Support Service entity located in the town of Rincón, Puerto Rico. In 2017 the community registered a non-profit Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab) and Makerspace Center in the town. To provide the community with the technology and resources to facilitate innovation and promote the pursue of STEM/STEAM/STREAM education plus become part of MIT’s Fab Lab global network of labs.

To Inspire Creativity and Self Improvement through Education!

Fab Lab Rincón is introducing and preparing individuals for the 21st Century workplace by illustrating what can be accomplished by regular people with access to extraordinary tools. To accomplish our mission, we have identified the following constituencies, each with distinct interests, needs and requirements, and critical to the organization’s charitable impact and success:




Range Target

Client Population for impact is approximately: 116,076

From the Building location to a Radius of 13 km or OR 8.08 miles.