Our Executive Board

Members are:

*In Process to Update Dept. of State and other Gov. Agencies

  • Sharon J. León, President

  • Ulpiano Almodovar, Vice-President

  • Victor J. Cruz, Treasurer

  • Jorge Montalvo, Secretary

  • Hiring at Present, Assistant Secretary

Our Construction

Assigned to:

  • Gabriel F. Aquino - Consultant and Project Manager

Our Mentors

Selected by MIT Boston:

Other Mentors:

  • Alexis Henriquez, Community Leader

  • Steve Tamar, Vice-President of Rincón Surf Rider

  • Jose I. Vega, Director Centro de Negocios y Desarrollo Económico (CNDE) del UPR-RUM, Mayaguez


We have a amazing group of supporters for this project, who are: