What does the contribution of the people who donate mean?

!!Project Canceled!!

The people’s donation together will mean that there is still purpose in humanity to support the growth intellectually, in their soft skills and in their work force of small country society joining the reboot of the economy with STEAM implementation; for a better quality environment mentally and physically in the west side of Puerto Rico.

All donation can be deducted from the USA tax return with our approved federal 501(c )3 and / or our state 1101.01 Puerto Rico tax exemption.

Choose one of these option to make your donation today!!

These are United States and Puert o Rico donation options:

Scanning this QR Code from Paypal to donate.

Follow this instructions to use this serivce provider.

The Following is a Foreign Donation Option:

How else can you Volunteer to accomplish our goal?

Another way to support us is by volunteering your time on the following task:

1) Help us spread the word of our current needs.

2) Design T-Shirt for the Executive Committee Staff to be evaluated for approval to be selected.

3) Design T-Shirt for the Volunteers to be evaluated for approval to be selected.

4) Send us the contacts of private sponsors willing to meet with us.

5) Start a community Project Priority or Urgent list of what can everyone achieve once its inaugurated.

Example: coastal topography to study and reduce erosion on the coast line, create animal prosthetics for rehabilitation, create robots to clean street trash, create a better job environment on the "Obras Publica" recycling area, design lasting useful furniture and beautiful, create beautiful trophies for our towns events, and such forth.

6) Starting a forum conversation and invite artist which can be interested in decorating the outside walls of the building.

7) More to come…stay tuned for updates!!

Once Again, Thank You for Donating

to this Community Effort!