Why is the project important?

The analysis of the technology consultation, has concluded on the lack to non-existence of advance machinery to implement the STEM or STEAM (A World Education Movement which acronyms stand for "Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math") hands-on continued education that was expected to be implemented in Puerto Rico as an order from the Department of Education of USA by the past president Barack Obama in the 2015-year announcement. Also taking noticed that in the work force on a small town such as Rincón, Puerto Rico, was lacking STEAM workforce knowledge and processes too.

Making very difficult for current to future generation to pursue a scientific STEAM education movement to improve the community infrastructure and business growth. The community residents watch the advance machinery and workshops by videos in YouTube but don't know how to access this centers outside of the universities.

Leaving no generation behind of its potential to develop and sustains their town; we the RFLM community team have prepared a business plan and agenda; to support this educational pilot implementation on small towns, after getting noted from Puerto Rico Government the passing of the Law No. 85 on March 29, 2018 (See screen shot of references about STEAM implementation in all Public Shool's of Puerto Rico from this link).

Keeping our team up to date with the following announcement from these agency resource links:




The analysis made possible for professionals and scientist identified that the towns is stuck in development because of inn-access to high tech machinery and laboratory services for them to make their skills improve and deliver better service to the community. With this problem identified, we contacted the Fab Labs Network in Boston, Massachusetts; who are guiding us on how to create the first Community Laboratory in the Island of Puerto Rico, by our mentor Fab Lab Tulsa, Ok. for more of who are mentors and contacts, please access our main website.

This will solve:

1) Design challenges to decorate closed by galleries buildings of the “School of Culture” project.

2) To have a Science Center on the west side of Puerto Rico where other science group can teach their workshops in robotics, arts, physics, mathematics, engineering, technology, etc. to the community and to the youth.

3) It will also solve the training and certification of future STEAM teachers.

4) A place to transmit and implement their crafting creativity higher.

5) A place where they can connect with other labs and learn.

6) A place where the professional work force and the youth can connect and solve problems from the community.

7) A place where they can help family/friends with health conditions incapacity to develop solution for their recuperation process.

8) Etc.

Historical Time Line of Actions (Year 2017-2020)

The Project is divided in 3 Phases:

Phase 1 - Designing (Canceled)

    • Register NFP organization on government agencies, Writing Business Plan


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!!Project Canceled!!

    • Current Action & Goal- Receive Monetary Fundraiser Donations (Total approximately of $36K on each group of

grant writers contracted) to cover:

and other expenses for this task.

          1. Salary of 2nd Team of Grant Writer's (3 members) for Furniture, Tools and Machinery Inventory List Proposal and

other expenses for this task.

          1. Salary of Decoration Coordinator, materials and external services for this task.

          2. Salary of 4rth Team of Grant Writer's (3 members) for Operational Proposaland other expenses for this task.

    • Prepare data for 3 Proposal funding clients. The proposal writer's teams will be assigned to create the following topics:

        1. Construction Proposal

a) Evaluation and Analysis of Lead Test in Structure Condition

b) Evaluation and Analysis of Asbestos Test in Structure Condition

b) Earthquake Resistance Evaluation and Codes Implementation on Design Expenses of Structure

c) Remodel Design and Code Implementation Expenses of Structure

- Materials, Work Force Insurance, Construction Permits, Work Force Salary, and within Others.

        1. Inventory of Equipment and Furniture Proposal

        2. Decoration Proposal

        3. Operational Proposal

    • Submit Proposals to Government Grants and Private Companies Funding

Phase 2 - Construction

    • Remodel and Decoration of Building

    • Purchase, Install and Test Services plus Equipment

    • Hire and Train Staff

Phase 3 - Operational

    • Pre-OpenHouse Event

    • Inauguration Event with Press Conference Invitation

    • Open for Service for the Community, Education and Business

If you as a individual or business/company representative are interest on sponsoring any of the phases of the project, please review our Phase Partitions page and contact our executive board for a meeting.

The Following Virtual Reality Video displays the basic machinery this community center will obtain and how the community will interact with each equipment.